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Pittsburgh Wrongful Death Law Blog

Your child's right to compensation after a birth injury

If a birth injury left your little one suffering or disabled in Pittsburgh, then you have every right to want to seek compensation and to ask for answers. Your child could have been hurt at several times during pregnancy or delivery. Did your child suffer because of a C-section that took place too late or due to the wrong medications being prescribed during pregnancy? There are many factors to look into, but with help, you can prove your case and get what you need to move on with your life.

Birth injuries come in many forms, from mild cases to those that are most severe. There are a number of injuries that happen somewhat commonly, including Erb's palsy, Klumpke's palsy, spastic cerebral palsy, brain damage, a broken collarbone, a broken arm, traumatic brain injuries and several forms of cerebral palsy. A number of these injuries are life-changing and can result in excessive bills over the course of your child's life.

Some interesting facts about drug-related accidents

The National Institute of Drug Abuse considers the use of any mind-altering drug while operating a motor vehicle just as dangerous as drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel. According to NIDA, the effects of drugs on a driver might even have a more measurable effect on driving ability depending on the type of drug used. Depressants such as opiates may have a considerably different effect on a person's driving ability than stimulants such as cocaine.

Perhaps not surprisingly, THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana, is listed as second only to alcohol as the substance most frequently found in the blood of car accident participants. Crash studies indicate positive THC results for roughly 4 to 14 percent of drivers injured or killed in traffic accidents.

What are birth injuries; are they common?

Some commonly asked questions about birth injuries in Pennsylvania include these. If you find yourself answering that you are in a position to seek a lawsuit, then looking closer into your legal options may be something you want to do.

The difference between a birth injury and defect can be difficult to determine in some cases. For instance, birth injuries are typically caused by something going wrong during a child's delivery. Birth defects, on the other hand, tend to happen to a child before or during pregnancy.

Medication errors and medical malpractice lawsuits

Each year, thousands of Pennsylvania patients will visit their doctors and receive prescriptions for medications designed to provide remedies for their illnesses or injuries. The vast majority of these interactions are uneventful. In fact, most patients will experience beneficial results. However, due to doctor, hospital or nursing home errors, sometimes patients are harmed by incorrectly prescribed medications.

If you have been injured by a medication error, perhaps the most important thing you should know is that you are entitled to sue the responsible healthcare provider. In order to prevail in a medical malpractice case involving medication errors, you must prove that the healthcare providers failed to exercise an appropriate standard of care.

Truck accident incidences dropping in Pennsylvania

Are you interested in knowing how many truck accidents really take place in Pennsylvania? If you've been in a crash recently, this information about how many trucks are typically involved in accidents may be something you can use to help support your case in court. This report from the U.S. Department of Transportation breaks down some statistics to give you a better idea of how many trucks are involved in crashes all around the nation. For example, in April 2014, it was reported that a total of 1,476 trucks were involved in crashes in the state of Pennsylvania.

What you may like hearing is that the number of truck accidents has been dropping over the last several years. In 2010, for example, there were 5,507 crashes involving trucks like semis or tractor-trailers. The numbers have continued to drop over the last few years, with 4,884 trucks being involved in accidents in 2011, 3,926 being involved in crashes in 2012 and 3,882 being involved in crashes in 2013.There is no reported reason for the sudden drop between 2013 and 2014, although it's possible new laws or changes to trucking regulations could have made an impact. Not all states have seen a drop in the number of accidents, though, so it's likely to have been something changed at the state level. For instance, New York saw a rise in the number of accidents between 2012 and 2013; in 2012, the state had 3775 and in 2013, the state had 4,088.

How does the Minor's Tolling Statute affect birth injuries?

Statutes of limitations are requirements set by states, which determine when injured parties are no longer eligible to file lawsuits to recover compensation for their injuries. Pennsylvania has generally understood that imposing statutes of limitations is beneficial to providing plaintiffs a reasonable time in which to seek relief, while also protecting defendants from decades-old litigation.

However, Pennsylvania has also recognized that certain injuries suffered by children early in life may take years to eventually manifest in recognizable symptoms. For example, birth injuries such as cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, Klumpke's palsy, shoulder dystocia and other such injuries may not be readily apparent until much later in the child's life.

Truck accident victims: Now's the time to voice your complaints

Truck accidents can happen at any time and seemingly out of nowhere when caused by dangerous or neglectful drivers. When you're injured in a trucking accident in Pennsylvania, your health is the most important thing to worry about. Once you're well enough, you may be wondering how you can get the compensation you need. That's something you may be able to do through a civil lawsuit.

There are several situations that can lead to you being able to sue for damages after a truck accident takes place. If a driver has been non-compliant with federal laws leading to your injuries, that may be a reason to seek damages. For instance, if he hasn't slept the required number of hours, he may have been driving illegally.

How does full tort auto insurance work in car accidents?

When Pennsylvania motorists are involved in an accident, one of the first questions their attorneys ask them is whether they had full tort insurance coverage or limited tort coverage. Surprisingly, many motorists simply don't know the answer to that question, but the differences can be quite substantial.

Pennsylvania law requires insurers providing automobile coverage to offer consumers with both choices of either full tort or limited tort coverage. Generally speaking, limited tort insurance is nearly always the cheaper of the two. For that reason, many Pennsylvania motorists opt for the cheaper variety.

Pennsylvania woman claims drug mix caused her serious harm

Medication errors can be deadly or cause serious injuries to patients. There are several levels of health professionals that look at your prescriptions before they're filled; it's important that your pharmacists and doctors are paying attention and only providing safe medications for your use.

A patient in Pennsylvania has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a health center in Philadelphia. The patient claims the health center prescribed a dangerous mix of drugs that risked her life. She now would like damages that exceed $50,000 and is accusing the Esperanza Health Center, three of the doctors, a physician's assistant and the Neshaminy Pharmacy of negligence.

Reckless driver causes wrongful deaths, injuries in 5-car crash

When you head to work, school or activities on the highway, you expect drivers to be aware of their surroundings. Negligence in the form of talking on the phone, eating or driving drunk can lead to accidents that leave victims with serious injuries or fatal wounds. This story, reported on Aug. 7, talks about a man from Pennsylvania who now has to answer for why he drove into the back of another person's vehicle.

The trucker from Pennsylvania is facing a reckless driving charge for being involved in a pileup crash that killed two people and injured a number of others while he was traveling through Virginia. The 50-year-old man was driving a flatbed tractor-trailer at the time of the crash. The crash took place when the tractor-trailer failed to stop and slammed into the rear of a sport-utility vehicle on Interstate 64 in Albemarle County.