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Pittsburgh Wrongful Death Law Blog

1 death a result of medication errors tied to electronic records

Electronic medical records are supposed to help physicians and nurses keep your information organized, so they know which medications you need and how healthy you are. What happens when the rush to produce electronic records from paper records becomes too much and results in errors? At least one woman has died, according to this report from July 20.

In her case, she was sleeping at around 2:52 a.m. when her bedside oxygen alarm went off. The hospital, South Shore Hospital, was alerted to her need for attention. She suffered from congestive heart failure, diabetes, and other health problems, but the 46-year-old woman had been fine and was resting peacefully before the sudden alarm.

Tractor-trailer hits bicycle in fluke turnpike truck accident

On July 10, Pennsylvania State Police responded to an accident between a tractor-trailer and a bicycle in Silver Spring Township, Pennsylvania. An accident between a tractor-trailer and a bicycle is an uncommon event by any standard but what makes this story so remarkable is that the bicycle victim survived.

According to police, the accident happened some time around 10:40 p.m. That is when police say the bicyclist was riding near the Sun Motors car dealership, located in the 6600 block of the Carlisle Pike. Somewhere in that vicinity, a northbound tractor-trailer being driven by an unidentified truck driver struck the bicycle as it traveled northward in the same direction of traffic as the truck.

Woman injured after being struck by a car in Pennsylvania

A recent accident left a jogger in critical condition after being struck by a pickup truck. The Penn State University freshman, an 18-year-old from Berwyn, has been at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia fighting for her life. This story is interesting, because the pedestrian in the case was reportedly in a no-pedestrian zone, but the incident did take place at an intersection where pedestrians typically cross.

The man driving the pick-up truck, a 24-year-old, reportedly was injured in the accident. He was taken to Mount Nittany Medical Center and later had to be transferred to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Investigators have reported that the man was driving south on North Atherton Street when the accident happened, and police don't think they'll be filing charges against him.

Uledi, Pennsylvania, couple alleges blood transfusion error

On July 10, the parents of a deceased infant boy sued two hospitals, a doctor and a blood bank for their alleged role in the death of their child that the parents say was caused by a tainted blood transfusion. The Fayette County, Pennsylvania, family sued as the administrators of their son's estate and are seeking punitive and compensatory damages. The couples' 23-count suit lists negligence, medical malpractice and wrongful death as some of the allegations levied against the defendants.

According to the complaint, the infant was born prematurely in 2012 and was later taken to a neonatal intensive care unit in August of that year. There, he received a blood transfusion. The plaintiffs are alleging that the transfusion contained cytomegalovirus. A website administered by the Mayo Clinic, identifies cytomegalovirus as being common and usually harmless, but says that the virus can be problematic for newborns.

West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, man may face wrongful death lawsuit

On July 8, a Common Pleas Judge sent a West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, man to prison for his role in the death of another man last year. The judge issued the 3.5- to seven-year prison term after a jury found the defendant guilty of homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter. The case began after the 29-year-old defendant was arrested in April for running over a 40-year-old man on March 30, 2013. According to the prosecution, the victim’s death occurred near the Bloomfield Bridge last year. Prosecutors say the victim, formally of Etna, Pennsylvania, got into an altercation with the defendant around 12:00 p.m. that day. It was alleged that the two men got into an argument on Fisk Street outside a home occupied by the defendant’s girlfriend. There, the victim allegedly noticed the defendant wearing a motorcycle club jacket and directed an insult to the defendant related to it.

Buggy crash leaves multiple people injured in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to many in Amish communities. The people of those areas have become accustomed to buggies and motor vehicles on the roads together, but that doesn't mean that car accidents don't take place anyway. In fact, you might have heard about a case recently where a horse and buggy were hit, causing the horse to die and several people to be injured.

In this case, a horse and buggy was traveling along near Route 304 and Old Orchard Lane. A 75-year-old man and 50-year-old man were both driving north on Route 304 when the 75-year-old man passed the man in his buggy. Unfortunately, he did not pass properly and struck the buggy's left side, according to the reports. The man driving the buggy was thrown from it, and he had to be taken to Evangelical Community Hospital for treatment. His injuries were reportedly moderate in nature.

Swimming class for kids aims at reducing wrongful deaths

There is probably nothing as heartbreakingly sad as when a small child dies as the result of a preventable accident. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children four years old and younger. One woman from Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, is working to erase that tragic statistic.

The woman says that she was the first person in the Keystone state to become an Infant Swimming Resource instructor over a decade ago. She now teaches infants and toddlers as young as six months old how to survive an accidental fall into a body of water. The woman says that things can get deadly when kids are around a backyard pool with distracted parents.

Truck accident kills CEO in Pennsylvania

Recently in Pennsylvania, a woman was struck and killed by a pickup truck. This kind of pedestrian accident isn't completely unusual, and truck accidents with pedestrians can be life-threatening for the person who was struck. The added weight of the vehicle, plus the speed at which the truck was traveling, can directly influence the chance of a person's survival.

In the case of the woman who was run over in this truck accident, her injuries proved to be fatal. Prior to the accident, it was reported that the woman had been jogging along Boyer Road in Pike Township. The accident, which took place at around 7:20 a.m., happened not far from the woman's home. It wasn't reported if it was light out at the time of the wreck.

VA medical malpractice settlements paid by special fund

Many Americans were shocked to learn that a number of VA hospitals throughout the country were falsifying wait times. Perhaps even more shocking is that the VA is protected from having to compensate the family members of the veterans who were harmed as a result of those practices.

In fact, the VA will not have to fork over a penny to settle potentially costly medical malpractice lawsuits that are expected to come from an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease at the Pittsburgh VA Healthcare System. The reason for that is actually based on sound logic. In 1956 Congress established the Judgment Fund in an effort to make government more efficient. Prior to the Judgment Fund, lawmakers were required to vote on each legal settlement which involved federal money. Congress hoped that the fund would compensate veterans injured from malpractice without dipping into the VA's budget and thus adversely affect other veterans.

City bus company sued for injuries suffered in car accident

Here's an interesting story about a car accident that resulted in a patron's injuries. The man was riding on a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, city bus at the time of a crash, and he was hurt. You should know that if you're in an accident like this, you may be able to do like he has and seek compensation through the courts. In your case, you may be able to receive compensation for injuries, missed days of work and other needs.

According to a story out of Pennsylvania, the passenger of a SEPTA bus sued the bus driver and the limo the bus driver struck for the car accident he suffered through. The man suffered serious injuries from the incident, and the complaint states that the man was riding on the SEPTA bus on June 7, 2012, when the driver violently hit a Lincoln Navigator.